Monday, February 9, 2009

After 20 Games

The Rankings after 20 Games. Will things change? Will a cinderella team emerge? Could a sudden injury hamper a teams chances? Those questions can't be answered now but we will definitely keep track.

The NL:
1. Augusta A's - The beginning of the season hasn't been kind but are currently on a four game win streak.
2. Honolulu Warriors - Has taken the early lead in the West.
3. Cheyenne Sandors - Keeping a close pace in the West.
4. Milwaukee Cervezeros - Has the lead in the North.
5. Arizona High Heat - Having trouble early may not be a good sign.
6. Syracuse Symbiotes - Had a terrible start but on a 4 game win streak and things are looking up.
7. Florida Storm - Currently tied for first with Monterrey in the South and it could go on all season.

The AL:
1. Nashville Hillbillies - Has the best record at 16-4 and leads the South.
2. Minnesota Mudcats - Leading the North by 2 games.
3. Charleston RiverDogs - Still following in Nashville's shadow.
4. Toronto FivTs - Staying within striking distance of the Mudcats.
5. Austin Black Socks - A third shadow warrior?
6. Las Vegas Aces - Currently tied with Vancouver for the West lead.
7. Vancouver Primetimers - Currently tied with Las Vegas for the West lead.
8. Boston Liberty - Currently holds the East lead.