Sunday, February 1, 2009

Season 7 Major FA Signings

This is one of the odd worlds I have been in when it comes to Major FA signings. Most have ten plus signings each season with ease and that is just Type A's. Is it because of the very lackluster IFA market in years past? With the new rules in place, it could even be worse as most keep their FA's because there has only been the draft to generate new ML talent. I have seen in the forums that IFA talent can reach 132M with a 5 year contract. I could see it maybe if the player was age 22 or older and a year or so away from the ML level, but not for an 18 year old kid with at least 3 years to develop or more. As I take a gander at the budgets, it looks like over half the league has more or less given up on the IFA market and even some have dropped completely out.

1. Bill McDonald, his hitting style may show a dramatic increase in Minnesota or at least that is the gamble.

2. Alberto Borges, A quality young player for the price and it only cost a 2nd round pick with a sandwich of course.

3. Tim Hutch, giving up a 1st round pick, albeit #28, for a 2 year semi defensive power PC catcher that could be a health risk. At least the contract wasn't out of the way.

4. Elmer Rossy, A rather questionable pitcher that the Riverdogs was happy to receive compensation for, especially the #17 pick.

5. Eduardo Padilla, after getting a good compensation pick, the Riverdogs found an outstanding short reliever for very little.

6. Bubbles Rose, At one time was a great closer but alas Arizona is hoping he has one more year left in his tank.

7. Storm Simms, interesting contract setup for Storm which really makes him cost effective for a good defensive SS. His hitting could could make one wonder at times though but in Seattle just might work out.