Wednesday, March 11, 2009

After All-Star Break Review

Who was the winner and losers of division rivalry week?

AL North:
Toronto FivTs increased their lead by a game to extend it to 10. The Minnesota Mudcats kept pace and looks like a wild card spot is easily within their reach.

AL East:
Boston Liberty held serve but New Britain clawed a game of the lead.

AL South:
Charleston RiverDogs finds themselves still barking in first after taking 2 of 3 from Nashville in the most watched series.

AL West:
Las Vegas Aces lead diminished by two games but still hold a comfortable 11 game lead over the Anaheim Baja Racers.

NL North:
The Milwaukee Cervezeros now hold a 7 game edge as the Augusta A's closed the gap after a 3-1 home and away series win.

NL East:
Syracuse Symbiotes looks to run like the wind as the Dragons won the first two then utterly collapsed. Philadelphia Fighting Quakers got close before the Symbiotes shut the door.

NL South:
Florida Storm find themselves with a 2 game lead as Monterrey Rayados still has the audacity to intervene. Atlanta Southern Boys had hoped to get into the thick of things but saw their chances dwindle all of a sudden.

NL West:
The Cheyenne Sandors displayed there wouldn't be a collapse this year as they took care of business and extended their lead by a game or two, as the Arizona High Heat and Honolulu Warriors danced their way into frustration.