Friday, March 6, 2009

Call Ups

The Dragons have been going through a trying period as of late. A couple players have had my attention to replace since the beginning of the year. So it is no surprise that I have called up a couple players. Among those was Wally Riggs. Most of you were not here when I dumped Ira Munoz for him. It was a trade that drew quite a bit of attention. An NL team using a DH for a 1B was normal back then and one you could get away with at the time but not now. Many said that poor Wally wouldn't even see his projections and make it to the ML. But there he is as a starting vacuum cleaner at 2B with 26 PO's, 33 assists and 10 DP's in 10 games. All of that without an error so far which makes his predecessor look like chopped liver. Finding a slot in the lineup where he can do the most damage has been a struggle as he is not and never will be much of a hitter.

Victor Sivilla was also called up for defensive purposes as his predecessor just wasn't getting the job done. Although management doesn't expect fielding perfection form Victor, he was stalled out in AAA and decided to give him a shot and try to improve at the ML level.

Now that I have mentioned it, everything will probably go horribly wrong now.