Saturday, March 7, 2009

The First Draft Picks

A where are they now article. Always fun to see what happened to those that were so highly regarded in the draft.

Season 1
Derek Hall - The first ever pick in Hometown he was. Drafted by Detroit, now Augusta, as a SS at the tender age of 19. Made it to the Majors in season 3 and played mostly 3B that season as his climb through the minors showed he was pretty rank as a SS. Season 5 was a low point as he was forced to play SS and was a league leader in errors at the position. Back at 3B and enjoying the season so far. Has hit 116 HR's and a .307 with 113 SB's in 4.5 ML seasons.

Jose Garces - Originally signed by The White Paws, now Houston, as a CF for $19M. Never showed the ability to play the position all that well and was relegated to 2B. Traded to Toronto in Season 3. This is his 3rd season in the majors and has made a decent career though inconsistent except for his SB ability.

Season 2
Jocko Allen - The first pick of Season 2 and drafted by Philadelphia as a LF. Was sent directly to the ML team after being drafted where he became a fan favorite. Roams the outfield at all positions from time to time playing none of them really well. During a one on one interview it was revealed he would really like a chance to play 1B. Has compiled 197 HR's and a .286 batting average with 93 SB's over his career.

Alfredo Nunez was signed by Las Vegas as a pitcher for $14M. Has never really developed.

Season 3
Bernard Myers - Originally drafted by Mexico City, now Little Rock, as a pitcher with the first pick in Season 3. As a $9M Bonus Baby, was placed in Low A to start and never really showed his ability. Was traded to Toronto in season 5 and has progressed through the ranks very slowly. Has complied a 65-30 record in the minors with 53 wins coming the last 2+ seasons.

Magglio Marquez signed by Boise, now Minnesota, as a LF for $19M. Hasbeen a bust so far.

Season 4
Darren Dunham - Was drafted by Texas, now Houston, as $7M bonus baby RF and placed at the AA level. Not to be out done, his brother Will Dunham, also singed a whopping bonus baby contract of $18M as the #4 pick that season. Has a relatively successful season and was promoted to AAA for the following season. This season started in AAA but Houston management kept their eye on the youngster and he got the call early. Currently batting .297 with 18 dingers and showing some leather in the outfield. His brother, Will, has had an up and down career and may be an outstanding 3B if they would let him.

Jose Pena - signed by Washington as a pitcher for $19M. Traded to Little Rock in season 5 then to Austin this season. Is happily in the Austin ML starting rotation enjoying an 11-5 rookie season.

Season 5
Nick Woodward was drafted by Seattle as Pitcher. Has progressed through the minors rapidly but never getting settled down to show his abilities. Seattle management is happy about his progression this season so far and should compete for a starting rotation job next season in Spring Training.

Javier Rojas - signed by Little Rock as a closer for $25M near the end of the season. Is progressing nicely.

Season 6
Russ Neal was drafted by Pittsburgh as a 2B in last seasons draft. He was sent to Low A after the draft were he enjoyed a fantastic season hitting at .416 clip with 13 HR's and 94 RBI's in 70 games. Pittsburgh management was so thrilled they sent him to AA for this season to even out the competition. He is still learning the position which has management somewhat worried but figures he will come around soon. Still showing off his hitting ability with a .386 average with 26 long balls already in 83 games.

Marino Diaz - signed by Toronto as a 2B for $21M. Developing rapidly this season, should see rapid promotion through the ranks.

Season 7
Rick Post was a highly touted catcher drafted by Toledo this season. Assigned to the Rookie league and is hitting .398 showing off his extra base hit skills and working to improve his backstop skills.

Rico Lopez - Signed by Little Rock as SS for $27M. Assigned to Low A, was tearing the league apart with his hitting skills and management decided to give him a more competitive agenda promoting him to High A. It hasn't helped and is even fairing better though he has not played in that many games as of yet.