Monday, April 20, 2009

Season 8 Happenings

Not much action going on at this time as most of us are perplexed as to the where-abouts of hbdgirl and finding 1 maybe 2 more owners. Hard saying BYE to long time owner hartjh14 who has put his team up for sale.

Welcome to riverpirate who took ownership of the NL Chicago franchise, who moved it to St Louis and vowed to bring back its glory days.

Welcome bjc30 who took ownership of the Santa Cruz franchise who moved it to Salem and could impact the AL West.

Welcome Caracarn who took ownership of the Toledo Mud Hens and moved them to Rochester and continue the rebuild.

Welcome telecasting who took ownership of the Boston Liberty and moved the team to Columbus and make a run to a 5th straight division title.

The Columbus Dragons moved up I-71 to Cleveland under an auspicious stadium deal and renamed them the Clowns. One of the reasons is Cooper Stadium, which was one of the oldest active stadiums, is soon to be a parking lot and the new Huntington Park may have events parking problems with Nationwide Arena.

The Honolulu Warriors moved to Tucson and became the Toros citing rising fuel costs and hometown city. But I think it was because of the Tucson emblem myself.

The Career Stats have been updated on the blog.