Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Rule 5 Draft

Cleveland has the distinction of losing the most players in this years Rule 5 draft with 6. The catcher I can understand, but the rest, egads. 40 players was taken overall with 18 pitchers being taken.

1. Rich Beltre was selected #1 by Rochester after Monterrey forgot to protect him. A very solid 1B in defense and a force at the plate.

2. Jim Bridges was taken by Houston with the #2 pick. Has the splits but control and pitches could be his undoing in Houston.

3. Doug Barnes was selected #3 by Seattle. Listed as a DH but can play 1B. Not overwhelming in power but has enough to succeed in Seattle.

4. Max Polanco was selected #4 by New Britain. Not a stellar defensive player but has long ball status.

5. Vinny Schmidt was selected #5 by Salem. Could become a defensive standout at SS or CF. Hitting won't be that much to talk about.

6. Shane Collier was selected #6 by Louisville. Not stellar in the defensive play, but does have power at the plate.

7. Virgil Castillo drafted by Pittsburgh. Overrated pitcher that probably won't stick in the majors.

8. Gerald Webb selected by Anaheim. Has the potential to be above mediocre but it is doubtful that he will reach it.

9. Jordan Simmons selected by Little Rock. Has the makings of a good short reliever.

At this point teams started bowing out of draft because there just wasn't much to cheer about already.

13. Neifi Bautista selected by Richmond. Has the potential to be a decent middle reliever, maybe not this year.

15. Adrian Prior selected by Augusta. Has potential at 1B, maybe not this year.

30. Erubiel Ramos selected by Cheyenne. Stellar defensive play potential makes him a very viable bench player and maybe even starter.

60. Vladimir Rodriguez selected by Arizona. Has the potential of becoming a good PC catcher off the bench in the late innings.

61. Gus Cox selected by Cheyenne. Has the potential of becoming a good PC catcher off the bench in the late innings.