Thursday, May 14, 2009

IFA Market News

Houston has been active in the IFA Market in the early days of the International Market and not being Not So Nice about it. First off they signed Pepe Cordero for $7.2M. Pepe is a strike out relief pitcher that does have outstanding control and splits plus some very adequate pitches with his ground ball inducement. His physical abilities however are a myriad of ugliness for the price. Shoring up the defense in the future is Vladimir Estalella who signed for $4.7M. Vlad could become a good ML 2B in defense and above average in hitting. The singing of Orber Perez for $50K looks to fill minor league roster holes for a few seasons.

The St. Louis River Pirates struck again with the signing of P.T. Vincente for $1M. P.T. may be a stretch to make the ML roster with his control issues, but one doesn't know what could happen.