Thursday, May 28, 2009

IFA Market News

Valerio Sanchez was signed by the Washington D.C. Senators for $15.8M. A catcher with some problematic defense but a very strong bat. His health could be a concern down the road.

Willie Rosa signed by the Seattle Rain Drops for $3M. The jury is still out on how good of a pitcher he might be, but could be a real good fit in Seattle and at a good price also. Could be in a ML uniform next season.

Yonder Guzman signed by the Seattle Rain Drops also for $2M. Another possible ML pitching talent that could be a good fit in Seattle.

Hector Ruiz signed by Pittsburgh , The Fish That Saved for $1.5M. Has everyone been lulled to sleep to allow a good middle hitting talent walk away this cheap? Listed as a LF but looks more like an overly defensive 1B.