Thursday, May 28, 2009

Power Rank #2

Since the first jinx didn't work I thought I would try again! Though few will probably pay attention as everyone is still trying to figure out how to use the new formula builder that is just plain lousy in my estimation.


1. Milwaukee Cervezeros - Wish my team was good enough to run with the AI and check in once a day.

2. Florida Storm - Could a hot spell cool them off?

3. Cheyenne Sandors - Well, wait until playoff time.

4. Augusta A's - The only second place team to make the jinx.

5. The East?


1. Nashville Hillbillies - Who would have guessed?

2. Toronto FivTs - Keeps making weird trades and still wins.

3. Columbus Clevelanders - Still surprising everyone.

4. Pittsburgh , The Fish That Saved and Austin Black Socks - Just because

5. The West