Saturday, May 9, 2009

The North Season 8

With the Season ready to start, time to figure out if I guess who has the best shot at a WS title. We begin the tour with the North divisions.

AL North
Toronto FivTs - Has the best pitching staff but offense is a little suspect. Expect them to finish in 1st place but the 108 win total from last seasons team may not be met this year.
Minnesota Mudcats - Has the pitching staff to get the job done and the offense is pretty good. Has the opportunity to fine tune the roster before the first big meeting with Toronto. Another 90 win season is possible.
Pittsburgh , The Fish That Saved - Has been improving by leaps and bounds. This season look for more of the same as a possible .500 record is within their grasp this season. I don't expect them to be a playoff team this year, but next year is another story.
Seattle Rain Drops - They have been improving also, it just hasn't shown up in win column. They could very well be a surprising dark horse of the division.

Analysis: The division appears to have improved vastly from last season and could be the division to watch. All four teams are better than last year and could put a monkey wrench in a lot of teams plans.

NL North
Milwaukee Cervezeros - Milwaukee had the 2nd best record in the NL last season. They have probably the best team on paper, but that sometimes is misleading.
Augusta A's - Decimated by injuries last season did them in. Is a recovery possible for contention this season?
St. Louis River Pirates - Is a new entity this season with several question marks. Will a new home and GM bring this franchise back to prominence this season?
Rochester Pioneers - Most of us know the tribulations of this organization. But we also know the young players are not ready. However there is a new GM in a new city this year, ok, 3 new GM's in a few months doesn't sit well with the fans and the owner was run out of town last season.

Analysis: Could be a three way race for the division title once again if things go well for two of the teams. But I feel Milwaukee should repeat at this time. Augusta and St Louis have too many question marks at the moment to determine how their roles will shape the NL. Rochester is under wily new management and will make it much more difficult for everybody as they are expected not to lose 100 games this season.