Saturday, May 9, 2009

The East Season 8

AL East
Columbus Clevelanders - New GM, new city could be a cause to say they may not contend this year. The pitching staff is strong, the offense though may need help before the dust settles.
Richmond Cavaliers - The Cavs improved during the off-season, is it enough to lay claim to the division title this season?
Louisville Whalers - Continuing to improve but still a key player or two short in both pitching and offense.
New Britain Lobsterbacks - The pitching is better but not good enough in my opinion, the offense has come a long way though.

Analysis: I pick Richmond to break through and finally lay claim to the division crown this year. I chose Louisville last year and you see where that got me, I am not ruling them out as an upstart team in the division however. Columbus is a question mark but one can't rule them out either as the players have a history of winning. New Britain will be better, but still have a ways to go.

NL East
Syracuse Symbiotes - The Symbiotes have a tendency to win the crown under auspicious play. Last year saw them struggle and the rest of the division got better.
Philadelphia Fighting Quakers - Made a run last year but can they maintain that ability this season?
Washington D.C. Senators - Continuing to improve offensively but pitching still needs to improve further to be a contender.
Cleveland Clowns - Saw their dreams shattered last year when the team just quit playing all of a sudden. Offense may be the strongest in the division, but pitching could be their downfall this season.

Analysis: This division could be a Donnybrook this season with all four teams capable of vying for post season play. I still pick Syracuse to win the division again but will need to hold off a hard charging Philadelphia squad.