Thursday, May 21, 2009

Power Ranks

The JINX is on!!!

1. Nashville Hillbillies - Once again leads the rankings this year. With a 23-7 record that leads the AL with most pitching and hitting categories as well.
2. Cheyenne Sandors - Leads the NL in victories with a 23-8 record and in batting.
3. Milwaukee Cervezeros - Is right there at the top with a 20-10 record although statistically speaking moderate in most categories.
4. Florida Storm - Chimes in with a 21-9 record
5. Austin Black Socks - Has a 20-10 record trying to keep pace with the Nashville Hillbillies.
6. Columbus Clevelanders - A 19-11 record but has fallen off recently.
7. Syracuse Symbiotes - With an 18-12 record and just because.
8. Las Vegas Aces - With a 18-13 record and 3 game win streak keeping Salem at bay.
9. Atlanta Southern Boys - With their 18-12 record trying to keep close to Flo Rida.
10. Tucson Toros - With their 17-13 record and 7-3 and a four game win streak make the last spot.
11. Pittsburgh , The Fish That Saved - Special mention because we are 30 games in and they are above .500