Saturday, May 9, 2009

The West Season 8

AL West
Las Vegas Aces - Won the division crown last year but this is a new season and improvements were marginal.
Vancouver Primetimers - Pitching is a little questionable but hitting has improved.
Anaheim Baja Racers - Pitching is questionable though hitting has improved.
Salem Slims - Salem has an all around decent team, with a new GM and city could make a few waves.

Analysis: It is hard to pin point what can happen in the AL West as the stadiums make such a difference along with one unheralded player could change everything. I look for a three team race until one breaks out of the pack. I don't think Salem is ready to contend but will be better.

NL West
Cheyenne Sandors - Won the division crown last year but folded in the playoffs. The pitching is good, but the offense looks like it took a step back.
Arizona High Heat - Went to the WS last year where the got ate alive by the Riverdogs. This year the pitching looks better but the offense like Cheyenne looks like it took a step back.
Tucson Toros - The offense looks vastly improved, the starting pitching looks strong but maybe a little suspect but the pen will save the day. The new city and stadium could change the scenery immensely.
Oakland Seals - The Seals have improved quite a bit but maybe a player or two away yet to contend with the stronger division foes.

Analysis: A three team race again this year for sure. I have picked Cheyenne to win it the last two seasons, this year I pick Tucson to win the division. Cheyenne and Arizona will tie for second. Oakland will bring up the rear in a very strong fashion.