Saturday, May 9, 2009

The South Season 8

AL South
Nashville Hillbillies - Even with a change of GM's, Nashville is still the strongest in the division if not all of the AL.
Charleston RiverDogs - The reigning Champs, and second best team in the division and the AL with Toronto a very close third if anyone wants to know. As we know, when the playoffs comes the RiverDogs will be there.
Austin Black Socks - Austin made it into the playoffs last year winning on a tie breaker. Will this be another season where an end of season rally propels them to the playoffs?
Little Rock Patriots - Hitting is stronger this year, but the pitching is still questionable.

Analysis: A two team race once again for the division crown between Nashville and Charleston as both should make the playoffs once again. Austin will need another rally to make the playoffs. Little Rock can win at home, but on the road could be troublesome still.

NL South
Florida Storm - Florida won the division last year but it came at the wire. It looks like little has changed.
Monterrey Rayados - Monterrey let the title get away last year at the end. The pen got a little younger and a little more offense was added.
Atlanta Southern Boys - Atlanta's pitching looks stronger but the offense is still questionable.
Houston Not So Nice - Improved in the off season but overall still not ready to play in the Juice Box.

Analysis: A two team race between Florida and Monterrey is on tap for this season and will more than likely be decided again when the last out is recorded. Neither team really improved all that much in the off-season so that leaves an open door for both Atlanta and Houston to make a move. But neither really look ready to contend at the moment, as always looks can be deceiving.