Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Busy Morning

Wow the in-box was loaded this morning!!! Well, at least there was something to read with my morning coffee.

First off my International scouts had been busy, sent me two prospects to review. I looked the first one over and started to drool a bit as a needed catcher that can hit. Well, that lasted about 10 seconds as I saw he was nothing more than a DH. Hmmm, maybe if I get him signed in time he could be a DITR, doubtful. Second a pitcher, everyone needs pitchers, but alas, I was disappointed again. Both were wanting a small fortune in bonus money. What is going on here? Think we pay lots of money for players we can't use, don't want or need? I can find something better in Little League! Ok, time to fire the scouts, they haven't really found anything worth bidding on. Well, actually they have, but my dirty sock fund doesn't have that much money in it. Besides I was saving that for an end of year pity party, virtual hookers and beer can be much more fun.

My coaches decided to do their job and tell me who all needs promoted! The lists were long, Okay, so how do I promote all these guys? Well, can't of course. The AAA players have no where to go except maybe the Waiver Wire. The AA players, well maybe one or two are good enough to promote. The rest, well they are wishing in one hand and hoping in the other. Well, those reports can go into file 13 at the moment as I will look around after the next bump and see if someone really deserves a promotion.

So much for that, back to the daily grind. Today that is watching the rain drops fall. Oh wait, better go get a shower. I remember now, the wife said we needed to go shopping today. That means spending money, yuck....well, the cats are running low on food. Maybe it is time to invest in virtual cats, the maintenance costs has got to be much lower! I could go a lot of places with this and have some fun with it, but I don't want to bore ya. So have a great day (virtual or otherwise)!