Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Playoff Run

There are 61 games left on the schedule. The second round of the division series is almost over and an off day will be coming soon. After that off day comes the worst part of the schedule of the year. Players inexplicably get tired and it seems more injuries happen. So who has the best chance right at the moment?


1. Nashville Hillbillies - About 17 wins will easily wrap up the South division, the #1 seed however is a different story.

2. Toronto FivTs - 20 wins will easily wrap the North division, the fight will be a somewhat meaningless battle for the #1 seed.

3. Columbus Clevelanders - Has a comfortable lead in the East, could there be a Whalers threat?

4. Anaheim Baja Racers - Leading the West division. Hot on their tails is everyone else. This division could change hands every 10 games.

5 & 6. Pittsburgh , The Fish That Saved and Austin Black Socks - Both are in the hunt for a wild card spot along with all four teams from the West. There are also several other teams that could suddenly get hot and make a run.

As predicted early, the #1 and #2 is pretty much wrapped up. Most teams are in the running for a wild card spot and could get wild as we move to the stretch run.


1. Augusta A's - Today they lead the North, tomorrow it could be the Milwaukee Cervezeros.

2. Cheyenne Sandors - Looking very comfortable in the West.

3. Florida Storm - Has a grip on the South.

4. Cleveland Clowns - Has had the lead by a relatively small margin most of the season in the East. It could change hands at any moment by any of the other three.

5 & 6. As it looks at this moment, the loser in the North and a host of others.

As predicted early, the NL is for the most part a free-for-all. There is no clear cut #1 or #2 seed as three teams are vying for that spot presently and could become more easily enough.