Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Effects of Adams Injury

Adam Ramirez was the pride of the Augusta A's line up. Last seasons injury was more catastrophic than was originally thought. He lost a lot in the arm strength area, health but more devastating was the loss in durability. Overall the total loss was 5 points, but there was no loss to his speed or hitting ability that one can tell.

This season his average is still good with a .307, but no stolen bases and the power hitting is nonexistent. Management may have thought running was out of the question. His play at 2B has been slowed and not up to snuff of course, then again it was never great.

Could he get some of it back this off season? It is possible but rather doubtful that it will be all that helpful because it wouldn't be a big raise. He has started in 106 games this season and that seems to be about the upper limit about 30 games short of normal. No stolen bases has me a bit confused but more confusing is his power numbers which didn't take a hit. They have always said that a players stats was generated from his ratings in each area, but I wonder if OVR plays a role in how well a player performs. I wouldn't say this is proof positive by a long shot, but it might lead one to think so. Maybe there are some rumored hidden numbers that makes one scratch their heads to wonder why.