Sunday, August 9, 2009

IFA News

Cleveland Clowns finally signs Jimmie Mairena to big money, $8.6M, after 6 agonizing days. What I saw from the intl scouting to adv scouting was correct in current, however the difference in projected is a bit disturbing. Although I knew the intl scouting would see him better than he would actually project to be. Adv scouting looks very wrong in this area as the projected difference doesn't add up. He could become a 5th starter or long reliever in any case. With outstanding control and some decent GB splits but might be lacking a bit in the pitch department. A short stint at AAA at least will tell the tale quickly I hope.

The New Britain Lobsterbacks signed Vin Romero for $710K. His knucklecurve looks nasty! My scouts tell me he is somewhat of a fringe starting pitcher that lacks a bit in control and splits but has a very nice stable of pitches, but well worth the money spent.