Wednesday, August 12, 2009

News Around the World

Jonathan McCullough out for most of the season has to hurt the Vancouver Primetimers. They will surely miss his bat in the lineup and his play at the hot corner.

The Fargo Beet Diggers has signed Harry Guzman for $4.2M from the IFA pool. Harry looks to be at the moment a possible future 4th or 5th starter at the ML level. Has the stamina to go deep into games, decent control and GB splits with a very good stable of pitches.

The Clowns pen resembles a little league team when it reaches the 7th inning and has management scratching their heads.

The Cheyenne Sandors have opened with 8 straight wins and the only unbeaten has established themselves as the team to beat in the West as well as everywhere else in the NL.

The Augusta A's, Washington D.C. Senators and Atlanta Southern Boys have said all along they are ready this year.

Several NL teams are taking things in stride at the moment knowing things will turn around.

So far, the AL has lived up to the status quo.