Saturday, August 15, 2009

The International Flavor

The Dominican Prospect World Series has just finished and the ML Scouts were everywhere, especially the Bars and various Conga Lines ;). However, some of the scouts were busy with phone calls to their respective clubs along with various reports and video feeds touting players with star potential. The phone lines are quite littered with calls that the switchboard operators are contemplating going on strike for higher wages as the phone companies invariably raise rates during this crucial time frame.

The first signing that has caused a ripple thorough Hometown was the Lobsterbacks fondness for Rodrigo Martinez. They signed him with a $23M bonus outbidding several teams for this prize. Already possessing some very good hitting abilities which will only improve with time and a watchful coaching staff. Although listed as a SS, which this reporter thinks he lacks the skill in, 3B might be a much better fit and possible Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards to follow.

The Seattle Rain Drops was on the spot needing a future quality shut down closer and couldn't believe their eyes when Hipolito Mercado strode to the mound night after night. Throwing every well placed pitch in the triple digits on the radar gun impressed the scouts and apparently the ML team as well. Offering a $6M signing bonus was easy. 9th innings won't be the same once this kid arrives on the scene in Seattle.

Looking off into spring training in the summer Mexican Leagues was the Houston Not So Nice as everyone else was looking at island favorites. Finding Danys Franco as a possible future 1B in Houston. Needing a little fine tuning in the minors this kid could be on the scene in short order, like maybe next year. Has the defense and power one likes in a 1B with contact and a good eye.

This is Clumsy Gloves reporting live from the Conga Room where the Mojito's are served cold by some very hot honeys wearing next to WOW monn!!!