Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Official Scorer Needs Glasses

In the recent Milwaukee vs Cleveland game this happened in the top of the 11th inning, you be the judge. D.Leach fields the groundball but makes a bad throw to 1B. B.Webster reaches on the throwing error. Dee Leach is the 1B, so I doubt that he was throwing to himself. That leaves the 2B and pitcher to cover the 1B bag. Since we don't know exactly where the ball was hit and with the speed of Webster being pretty good chances are the pitcher was covering the bag. Andres Montanez was pitching at the time and can see how he could very easily either not made it to the bag or not catch it if he did with his 2 glove rating, he even drops balls from the catcher. But to charge the error to a very good defensive 1B is a farce in my eyes. What we do know, it would seem that maybe the throw could have been hurried causing the error to be charged to the 1B, but it would be more likely to me the pitcher couldn't catch it and should have been charged with the error. I know that most errors are charged to the thrower but this one seems a bit wrong.