Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It has been an odd season in Hometown this year. As the Free Agency signings was too busy to contend with let alone keep up with. The Rule 5 draft was so bad that I thought it wasn't worth reporting on. The preseason guesses will be coming shortly as i have a day before the season starts to decide who I think might do what. Just have to wait for the final decisions to be made before I check teams out.

Well, we do have some real news! The first IFA of the season has signed! That honor goes to Victor Sanchez. With my advanced scouting budget turned down a bit from previous seasons, some things may seem a bit askew. The Philadelphia Fighting Quakers spent $3.1M on the signing. Victor is listed as a CF but his fielding might be a little lean for the position but could play a good 2B. Considered a bit of a slap hitter with speed could make him a future star in the lead off spot.