Saturday, August 8, 2009

The AL Season 9 Divination

As I look into the crystal ball, I see one of mystical confusion and I have got to come up with a way of guessing, give me a break.

AL North
Toronto FivTs
Minnesota Mudcats
Pittsburgh , The Fish That Saved
Seattle Rain Drops

All members have a comparable offense that could keep things tight during the season. Could it be Toronto's starting pitching that will make the difference in the end? Can Toronto make it to the playoffs as the best team on paper and fail again or will that happen during the season this year? Can Minnesota finally get their bearing on the prize? Pittsburgh has improved yet again, are they ready? Oh, lets not forget Seattle, they are not the stepping stone.

AL East
Columbus Clevelanders
Louisville Whalers
Richmond Cavaliers
New Britain Lobsterbacks

Appearances has always been deceiving in this division. I have always taken Richmond and got disappointed. Once again, I like Richmond's chances but to give them a jinx this time, I will succumb to those obsidious desires and proclaim Louisville, didn't I do that before also? But how it will play out may need a orchestra of different minstrels. Beyond popular belief I will jinx the Clevelanders this season.

AL South
Oklahoma City Okies
Memphis Madmen
Little Rock Patriots
Austin Black Socks

This was always the division of the three way fight, well three teams trying to over take Nashville. Nashville has moved to Oklahoma City, Charleston is in Memphis, Austin's owner is suddenly MIA and what of Little Rock. It won't be a runaway no matter how it gets sliced this season. But it is still tough to think that Oklahoma City, sic Nashville, won't be there in the end but there will be three hungry suitors trying to stop that tide and it could happen.

AL West
Salem Slims
Las Vegas Aces
Anaheim Baja Racers
Vancouver Primetimers

This was a 4 way race last year and it looks to be another barn burner this year. When the dust settles, all four teams could be tied for the division lead.

I have got to get out of this business of forecasting the future, it gets tougher each year and this one is no exception. I will try to make a formulated guess however that will leave many scratching their heads.

1. Oklahoma City Okies
2. Minnesota Mudcats
3. Las Vegas Aces
4. Louisville Whalers
5. Memphis Madmen
6. Toronto FivTs