Monday, August 31, 2009


Not much has happened or really is happening to report on. The only big IFA signing was Anaheim Baja Racers Juan Machado that I somehow missed for $20M and a MLB contract. He looks like a pretty good left handed power starter and could be ready to rock n' roll next season.

Of course the big Buzz around the world was the Draft and the lack of quality players. Carl Paul became the first pick for the Houston franchise. I can't see him so I can only judge that the 18 year old SS has to be better than the second pick of Sammy Forbes who was drafted by the Seattle Rain Drops. That in itself would be hard to beat according to my scouting.

The NL
61 games into the season, the NL only has one team, the Cheyenne Sandors in the West, that is trying to run away with a division. Surprises include the Fargo Beet Diggers holding a slim lead in the North, Houston Not So Nice playing .500 ball and the Florida Storm having problems.

The AL
61 games into the season and we see the Toronto FivTs and Oklahoma City Okies running away from the crowd as expected. The biggest surprise is the Louisville Whalers in first in the East and Pittsburgh above .500.