Thursday, September 3, 2009

Season 9 Draft 1 thru 6

It is that time of year where the reporters and pundits alike try and decipher how the draft went for their favorite teams. As time permits will do these in increments as I have a very busy schedule planned for the next two weeks at least, so stay tuned.

1. Carl Paul, SS - Houston Not So Nice: Cold be a very nice piece of a puzzle in the future. Has a long way to go to get even close to his projections and some could be out of reach. I see him as possibly being weak defensively for the SS position. Eye is weak but contact could be strong in the future with great splits and power. Grade: A

Houston didn't have a second round pick but did pick up two nice fringe players in the 3 and 4th rounds.

2. Sammy Forbes, CF - Seattle Rain Drops: Speaking of a nice puzzle piece to any team. Could be a little weak defensively in the range department for CF and maybe not reach potential in a couple ares. His hitting will make up for it as he is the total package in this area. Grade A+

Seattle picked up a nice player in the second round that could become a backup 2B/3B at the ML level but went risky after that and probably didn't help themselves.

3. Jayson Metcalfe, SS - New Britain Lobsterbacks: Could have problems playing SS at the ML level with a weak glove and arm but could be a very strong 2B/3B at least. Hitting wise could be a strong candidate as a lead off, 2 slot or 6 slot hitter. Grade A

New Britain picked up a very nice potential closer with the second pick and a nice looking fringe DH in the 5th round. I say fringe, because he doesn't have the power you would want for a DH, but could turn into an OBP guy in the 2 slot.

4. Vic Andujar, SS - Richmond Cavaliers: Could be a very good SS even with his unnerving accuracy. Has the hitting prowess to be very dangerous at the plate. Could become a very good SS if he stays healthy. Grade B+

Richmond - Went after pen pitching and may have scored in the second round, but it will take time for him develop.

5. Oswaldo Rodriguez, P - Fargo Beet Diggers: Has the potential to be a very good pitcher. He dropped in the draft, if you call being drafted 5th a drop, because he may not have the capability to be a starter at the ML level. His full potential will be hard to achieve but will still be deadly as a shut down long reliever. Grade A+

Fargo wanted pitching and possibly picked up some beneficial prospects in round 2 and 3 but went out on that risky limb with position players.

6. Wil Lanning, P - Louisville Whalers: Has some signing issues but I say he should sign without too much trouble. Has some very good pitching qualities, though the strength of the pitches may be a concern. His stamina could determine his fate as a starter or long reliever at the ML level. Grade B+

Louisville picked up a very nice C/DH and two more very good potential relievers in the supplemental rounds with a couple fringe position players to round out the first 5 rounds.