Saturday, August 8, 2009

The NL Season 9 Divination

Just when I thought it was safe to make some more predictions, the NL showed itself.
The message was clear...close your eyes and guess.

NL North
Milwaukee Cervezeros
Augusta A's
St. Louis River Pirates
Fargo Beet Diggers

It looks like little has changed from last year or has it? It will be hard to change the sequence even from the looks of the the crystal ball.

NL East
Syracuse Symbiotes
Cleveland Clowns
Washington D.C. Senators
Philadelphia Fighting Quakers

Last season saw the Symbiotes come out of nowhere to once again win the division. Will the Quakers let this happen again? Will Cleveland or Washington live up to the challenge. I thought the AL was tough but I can't even get a good bearing on my own division. This division could be in a huge turmoil when the season ends. This isn't how I want it to end by the way.

NL South
Florida Storm
Monterrey Rayados
Atlanta Southern Boys
Houston Not So Nice

There is more here than meets the eye. I do proclaim that any one of the four can win it. Atlanta has declared war early. Monterrey is still trying to position themselves. Houston IS not so nice. Florida is keeping quiet as they know there is a storm brewing. Who will win it when the dust settles is beyond me.

NL West
Cheyenne Sandors
Oakland Seals
Arizona High Heat
Tucson Toros

How can you deny Cheyenne being the best of the West? Three other teams, that's who. This will be a mangled bunch before the season is over.

1. Cheyenne Sandors
2. Milwaukee Cervezeros
3. Syracuse Symbiotes
4. Atlanta Southern Boys
5. Cleveland Clowns
6. Oakland Seals

This is rough and I mean rough. It is very possible there could be 16 teams with a .500 record or better. I can't see a 100 win team either. Talk about parity. But we know as well as everyone else that it won't happen or could it? Ok, it can't, someone has to break down along the way.