Saturday, September 5, 2009

Season 9 Draft 17 thru 25

17. Stephen Morris, 3B - Minnesota Mudcats: Drafted as a SS but management quickly realized he was a 3B. Has average eye and contact with great splits and power. Grade B

Minnesota picked up some nice looking defensive players in the hard to find positions, but choosing several high school players that have yet to sign.

18. Darrell Lincoln, RF - Arizona High Heat: Good defensively and has some very good power hitting abilities although just average in contact. Grade B+

Arizona had 6 first round picks rebuilding for the future and drafted some very nice position players including a nice defensive power PC catcher.

19. Mike Elliott, P - Memphis Madmen: Having very good control and very decent splits but the pitches could be a drawback. Grade B

Memphis has yet to sign players so it is too tough to really say.

20. Harold Myatt, SS - Austin Black Socks: unknown, wants more money than maybe he is worth.

Austin drafted well but not much in value.

21. Ron Stokes, P - Tucson Toros: Choosing a setup/closer mid first round is not a bad idea. Ron will probably not make closer status but should be a well received setup man in the ML. Grade B

Tucson went after a specific type of pitcher in the draft with 5 first round picks and made some decent additions. Went wildly aggressive in future rounds that may have backfired.

22. Alfredo Pescado, RF - Philadelphia Fighting Quakers: Could be a little weak for the position and his hitting may not be strong but has the eye and contact that pitchers fear and will garner many walks. Grade B+

Philadelphia didn't have much to choose from in the later rounds and came up mostly empty handed.

23. Dean Hiljus, P - Columbus Clevelanders: Taking a chance on a project pitcher can reap rewards in the draft and Dean is just that. If the ratings come around has a good chance to one day make a ML roster. However their is this health issue that may ruin his chances and becomes a wait and see type of guy. Grade B

Columbus kept with the theme of project HS pitchers but has several unsinged.

24. Archie Yates, P - Las Vegas Aces: They also went the project route for their first pick, however Archie has an exceptional makeup to help out. Has everything you really want in a pitcher except for barely average control. Grade B

Las Vegas, although picking late, made a couple choices that could pay off.

25. Tim Feller, P - Salem Slims: Salem also understood that late in the draft you try to take a RP. However Tim has some very good pitcher ratings, but his durability may cause trouble getting a job at ML level. Grade B

Salem worked hard at finding ML capable pitchers and may have scored though mostly in relief realm.