Monday, September 7, 2009

Season 9 Draft 26 thru 34

26. Vic Zapata, P - Syracuse Symbiotes: Biggest knock on this kid was his health which has already reared its ugly head. Does having the pitching skills to be a very successful pitcher in the ML but chances of making it there without a wheelchair is not very good. Grade C+

Syracuse went after pitching and came up relatively empty handed.

27. Gabe Rose, CF - Arizona High Heat: With their second 1st round pick they took a CF whose glove is no where near CF capable but could be a Gold Glover at either COF position. Has the speed and hitting ability for the lead off spot. Grade B+

28. Denny Hyers, LF - Anaheim Baja Racers: Has been selected as the "Red Herring" of the draft. Although his hitting style probably fits in well at Anaheim, he is a bit over rated in my books. His defense is well under for LF and 1B is which is what he is best suited for is out of the question for most teams with the lack of dominate power. Although he could be a good hitter at the plate, he may have a hard time finding a place to play at the ML level. Grade C+

Anaheim didn't find much value in the draft and a second round pick that may have priced himself out of a possible contract.

29. Jesse Greene, P - Florida Storm: Finding a valuable starting pitcher late in the draft is next to impossible but Florida did find a good well rounded pick. He may not make it as a starter with his low vsL, but as a long reliever could reap benefits if potential is reached. Grade B+

Florida kept up its attack for pitching but found mostly good fillers.

30. Miguel Matos, SS - Augusta A's: With there second pick of the first round, Augusta may be contemplating whether or not he is worth the money he is asking for, I would be a bit hesitant also. He would make a very good defensive SS at the ML level if he was more of a consistent hitter. Very hard to pay that kind of money for a backup at the ML level. Grade C+

31. Corey Gant, 1B - Cheyenne Sandors: A typical 1B type for any team, a bit weak defensively but adequate enough to play the position and a very good power hitter. Grade A+

Cheyenne didn't find much available picking so late except another possible good 1B.

32. Bryan Clement, C - Louisville Whalers: Picking up another pick in the first round and playing it safe with a catcher that could be good enough for a backup or a power DH. At least he is dual role capable. Grade A+

Best Supplemental Pick: Julian Tavarez: How he slipped through to the 46th pick is beyond me, but the River Pirates are smiling.

33. Pete Beltran, SS - Oklahoma City Okies: A future defensive SS is always nice that can hit, mat have problems versus righties but still a good pick. Grade B+

Oklahoma went with the theme of taking the best player available and may have picked up a couple fringe players along the way.

34. Tom Lyon, 2B - Toronto FivTs: A near 2B if he reaches puberty (tweener), he is not exactly strong enough for 2B and too strong for everywhere else,what is one to do? He will well but not for power, has the speed and ability for lead off. Grade B

Toronto picked up a nice hitting defensive PC catcher in the 2nd round but little else.

Oddest Player 1rd and Supplemental: Brendan Ball: How many pitchers can you find that can only be classified as a setup man and have 5 pitches?