Thursday, September 3, 2009

Season 9 Draft 7 thru 16

7. Tony Williams, P - Oakland Seals: A bit short on durability but big on control. May have problems on splits but will be made up on his GB and pitches. Grade B

Oakland picked up a defensive SS with the 3rd pick, wanted starting pitching that just wasn't in the draft.

8. Hanley Kelleher, P - St. Louis River Pirates: Light on control to be spectacular but will still perform adequately as a ML starter. 6 pitches and a trip to the DL, not a fortuitous sign. Grade B+

St. Louis had two supplemental picks and the first looks good but after tried to find pitching that just wasn't there.

9. Dick Parrott, P - Monterrey Rayados: At first look, an interesting pick. Has the ability to be a limited shut down pitcher, but his durability to stamina rating could hurt his ability to make projections as well to make a lasting impression in games. Grade B-

Monterrey went out on a limb with their second pick which was in the third round, but the gamble could pay off if he signs other than that not much to talk about.

10. Arthur Murray, 2B - Little Rock Patriots: Could be a long shot to play 2B as his defense may not prove worthy. At the plate he could be a power house but his push/pull could turn against him. Grade A

Little Rock played it safe and picked up some good players that could help the club down the road.

11. Jake Blue, P - Pittsburgh , The Fish That Saved: Unknown by my scouting department.

Pittsburgh went after future pitching with potential though I am not fully sure how that panned out at the moment.

12. Travis Hamilton, P - Washington D.C. Senators: Has the potential to be a very good ML starting pitcher, his splits are not great but should be adequate. Grade B+

Washington joined the onslaught of teams looking for pitching, drafting carefully they could have come up winning draft.

13. Shep Diaz, P - Atlanta Southern Boys: Another that has very good ML starting pitcher potential aspirations but his control and splits could make him so-so but his GB and pitches will help tremendously. Grade B+

Atlanta went out on a limb trying to find pitching also and may have struck out. Although they did draft a player with a colorful name in the 5th round.

14. Derrick Herman, 2B - Cleveland Clowns: For a 2B he is not worth the time of day, could possibly play a weak 3B but chances are he will wind up playing COF. His hitting style looks a bit awkward with weak splits and only double power, but his eye and contact makes up for the deficiencies. Grade B

Cleveland recognized the lack of pitching early on and decided that those they had their possible sights on would be gone, which they were. The war room was divided on Herman and the player that went 16th. We didn't expect much in the draft but was rewarded with a 3B prospect with the second pick which was the 3rd round.

15. Aaron Ingram, ? - Vancouver Primetimers: Totally unknown though it shows to be drafted as a 3B.

Vancouver picked up three players in the first 5 rounds opting for the FA market.

16. Sidney Sappelt, 2B - Augusta A's: Can play 2B or CF which is a prime plus. Has a good eye and contact, splits are above average and power for doubles. Hus push/pull also makes him a valuable home run surprise. Grade B+

Augusta had a bevy of picks and went a bit risky. Nothing that really stands out as they picked up a few fringe players with their efforts.