Thursday, February 25, 2010


AL South - New Mexico, Nashville, El Paso and Little Rock

Last season New Mexico turned out to be a real powerhouse finishing the season with a division title, a long playoff run and a total of 109 wins in the regular season. Ive never been one to go out on a limb and I wont in this case either. New Mexico is clearly the team to beat again in season 11. With key players returning and an impressive amount of talent it will be tough for any team to knock them off their throne. Little Rock had an impressive 97 win season last year for a strong second place finish. They are hoping to challenge New Mexico this season for that top spot and with talented hitters like Carreras and Harris it is possible. Nashville was a surprise last year maybe channelling the the Danka's team name for inspiration they were a pleasant surprise in the division. A 70 win year as the team was being rebuilt from the ground up was a good sign for the future - the better sign was the talent that was drafted in Nashville. They could be scary good in 2 to 3 years, but not this year. Finally El Paso formerly Texas, has alot of work ahead of them. They finished last in season 10 for good reason and even though El Paso went out and signed some quality in the free agent market it is definately a work in progress for new owner Cardinalsin. Here's how I think the season will play out.
1 - New Mexico
2 - Little Rock
3 - Nashville
4 - El Paso