Thursday, February 25, 2010


AL East - Wichita, Richmond, New Britian and Louisville

Last year the four teams battled through injuries and bad luck and the eventual division winner in Louisville finished two games below 500. Down the stretch they were better and more consistent thanks to the addition of Mark Trammell, Chad Buchanon and Darryl Alexander. However this division is totally up in the air this season. Louisville could repeat as division champs but not having Trammell and Buchanon down the stretch this season will hurt. Wichita is a team that is on the rise. Under an impressive second year owner Wichita looks poised to maybe compete this season. They finished second last year and might have the second most amount of talent in the division. Richmond is a team that has battled its fair share of injuries over the years and is looking to get back on track this season. Richmond is a only a season away since it won the East division. If they have any chance to compete the veteran players will need to step up, contribute and stay healthy. When it comes to New Britain the team is clearly rebuilding and it will be a long process.
1 - Richmond
2 - Louisville
3 - Wichita
4 - New Britain