Thursday, February 25, 2010


NL North - Madison, Augusta, Hartford, Milwaukee

The division finds itself with two new owners. It's the first time the division has seen change like that in a long time. Madison (by the way the Rowengartners team name is the greatest team name ever and it proves that Rookie of the Year is the greatest movie of all time lol) are the defending champions, the previous franchise won the division by 3 games over an Augusta team that is always very competitive. Augusta has passed the torch so to speak, over the last several years as former 17 million dollar man Adam Ramirez has become more of a productive role player at the age of 30 than the superstar he was. With new younger talent Augusta looks to return to the top of the division. Milwaukee is coming off it's first ever season below 500. The team has been reluctant to go through a full blown rebuild so they decided for a quick retool instead. Chad Buchanon a very underrated starting pitcher was added in the offseason to help bolster a pitching staff that needs to be better if Milwaukee wants to regain its top tier form of seasons past. Hartford is the lone team out, they finished last in Season 10 and will likely have to go through a full scale rebuild before they can become a threat in the north. I think the division will play out like this.
1 - Augusta
2 - Milwaukee
3 - Madison
4 - Hartford