Thursday, February 25, 2010


NL East - Syracuse, Washington, Pawtucket, Philadelphia

Last season Washington continued its recent success by winning the NL East. The team has alot of talent and is the odds on favourite again. The franchise was very good at building from the grass roots and building through the draft and IFA market to produce the team you see today. Longtime owner Firesign didnt return this year so Pawtucket takes his spot and the team has bright spots as they finished second last season. Over the past several years the team has not been able to get over that hump with 3 81 - 81 finishes in a row and a second place last year maybe new ownership is what they need to take the next step. In Syracuse injuries and some bad luck slowed down a team that had 4 first place finishes in 5 years. The team has aged and lost some of the depth that helped the team win 4 straight division titles. However Syracuse could still surprise, dont count them out. Philadelphia has 2 last place finishes in a row, they have top tier talent but their depth has been the key issue over the past several seasons and will likely be the undoing of the team again this season. However if Syracuse cant stay healthy and Washington or Pawtucket falter for any reason maybe Philadelphia can sneak into contention for a division title.
1 - Washington
2 - Pawtucket
3 - Syracuse
4 - Philadelphia