Thursday, February 25, 2010


NL South - Florida, Monterrey, Houston, Atlanta

Last season Houston barely hung on to their one game lead over Monterray to win the NL South. Houston will have its work cut out for them if they hope to return to the playoffs and win the NL South again. The young team is another year older and better but the message in Monterrey this offseason was Spend Spend Spend. Perhaps the top 2 FA pitchers were signed by Monterrey - Mark Trammell and Mendy Knott give them a legit chance to do some serious damage in the NL. Both players are impact pitchers and Trammell was a key reason Florida won 4 division titles in a row and Knott has world series rings to his name. No team in the South can compete with those 2 pitchers. Houston has a nice staff but by adding Trammell and Knott anything less than a division title and playoff run is a failure in Monterrey. Atlanta is aging, there's no way around it. Florida blew apart their team last season by trading away Trammell, Buchanon, Alexander and Green just to name a few. Atlanta might have to do the same especially with Houston and Monterray the clear 1 and 2, Atlanta is the clear team out. Already mentioned Florida is rebuilding and will likely be last in the division if not last in the NL.
1 - Monterray
2 - Houston
3 - Atlanta
4 - Florida