Monday, December 27, 2010

Season 14 Preview - AL EAST

Previously on Season Previews...The NL EAST led by Washington D.C. was victorious in the preview challenge.

And now, the continuation of Season Previews:


Louisville Whalers
Projected Record: 86-76, 1st
Best Player: Tito Reitsma
Random Trivia: Kentucky is the only non-whale state where whaling is legal.

Louisville won the battle of the AL Least in season 13 with 83 wins.  Can they repeat?  Looking at the competition, I say yes. With a strong hitting core led by Tito Reitsma, Sammy James, and Ira Munoz and a staff led by Merv Strange, 86 wins is not out of the question.  Even with an off-season that seemed to include more bourbon than baseball, Louisville is the team to beat.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Projected Record: 81-81, 2nd
Best Player: Milt Rigdon
Random Trivia:  BW3's wings are not in fact, wild. They're from caged animals.

Bigger city.  New owner.  Less racist name.  It's the Buffalo Wild Wings.  What to make a of a new owner?  Everyone knows the learning curve is steep.  But start with adding Milt Rigdon to a budding farm system grown by years and years of ineptness, and you're off to a good start.  With some talent currently at the majors, and much more to come in the following seasons, this is one of the up and coming franchises in Hometown.

Richmond Cavaliers
Projected Record: 75-87, 3rd
Best Player: Vic Andujar 
Random Trivia: LeBron James also took his talents from this team.

After winning 72 games in season 13, I looked through Richmond's transactions for signs of improvement.  Calling up Oswaldo Campos should help the offense, and adding Jason Ball should help the staff, but otherwise the roster looks very similar.  Much like Buffalo, the minor leagues holds some talent.  Let's wait a few seasons for players like Buddy Dupler and others to come up to the majors.  In the meantime, the team will just have to enjoy sucking on Richmond's finest product: tobacco.  I wonder, does that affect team speed?

Wichita Gnats
Projected Record: 73-89, 4th
Best Player: Jin-Chi Fujiwara
Random Trivia: Coincidentally, gnat swarms also have a roster size limit of 25.

As the saying goes: as Wichita Falls, so falls Wichita Falls....right down the standings board.  Season 14 for the Gnats should be a rough ride as virtually all the talent on this team is in the minor leagues.  The Gnats should look good for the future, but right now Louisville and Buffalo look too tough.  Break out the bug spray and pay grandma for the rub down, as this one could be in the bag.

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