Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Season (Preview) Greetings

You know, I never knew Santa was a lefty...or a right fielder.
The winter meetings are over.  Free agents have been signed.  Some have really been signed.  Spring training is upon us.  What does all this mean?  It's time for season previews.  I'll be posting division by division, team by team, as time permits.  Let's begin.

NL East

Washington D.C. Senators
Projected Record: 100-62, 1st
Best Player: Walt Wilson
Random Trivia: No one on the team is in fact, a Senator.  Two are Reps., however.

I don't know what I can say about this team.  It's just good.  Great pitching, good hitting, and solid defense.  What more could you want?  Rex Sutton is coming up, who is hopefully sexier than Sexy Rexy Grossman.  I didn't notice much other off-season activity from D.C., but honestly, did they need any?  No, they did not.  This team has a chance to go all the way.

Pawtucket Patriot Ale
Projected Record: 84-78, 2nd
Best Player: Lewis Tunkel
Random Trivia: Despite popular belief, Pawtucket is not married to Nantucket.

The team, an enigma.  The owner, enigmatic.  These are the Patriot Ales.  How do those wins pile up?  How does that staff pitch so well?  No one knows.  But they do, and I don't see why that would change.  Adding Jose Tapies actually upgrades the pitching.  Having Lewis Tunkel bomb 50 more into the Atlantic Ocean can't hurt either.

Syracuse Symbiotes
Projected Record: 81-81, 3rd
Best Player: Will Dunham 
Random Trivia:  Based on the name, this owner probably likes comics, but not D.C.

Darrel Ramirez is gone.  D.C.'s Trent Voyles is in.  And Will Dunham can still bring it.  I'm liking the slow but steady improvement over the last three seasons.   I'd say there's a chance to take that 2nd spot and a wild card playoff birth. 

Philadelphia Fighting Quakers
Projected Record: 79-83, 4th
Best Player: Mark James
Random Trivia: General Smedley Butler was nicknamed Fighting Quaker.  Smedley.

So who are these Quakers?  Are they the 60 win team from season 13, or the 85 win team from season 12?  My guess, somewhere in between.  Mark James and his 700 career homers can still bang 'em out of the park, and starter Kirby Donatello is much better than his season 13 performance.  Acquiring Bo Hand from the former republic of Mexico City should help as well.  Keep an eye on this Religious Society of Friends.  They could surprise.  By the way, your apples and cinnamon is my favorite of your oatmeal flavors.

The AL East is coming up next....

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