Sunday, January 2, 2011

Season 14 Previews - AL NORTH

And so it continues...


Seattle Rain Drops
Projected Record: 88-74, 1st
Best Player: Sammy Forbes
Random Trivia: Strangely, rain drops keep hitting players in the knee, not the head.

Although the majority of fans suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), there's a lot to be excited about in the Emerald City.  Sammy Forbes might be the best player in all the land, and Len Diaz and the pitching staff can make it rain.  Toss in the expected maturation of Alving Mendoza, and Seattle just might win the division.  If not, Pacman Jones knows why...shouldn't have made it rain.

Cincinnati Ironbirds
Projected Record: 81-81, 2nd
Best Player: Russ Neal
Random Trivia: The best way to kill an Ironbird is with a Tomahawk.

After a brief stint in New York, the Ironbirds return to Ohio. Led by two-time AL MVP Russ Neal and professional hitter extraordinaire Cesar Gandarillas, this team can bring the wood.  Even with the hitting talent, Cincinnati decided to go for a quick rebuild, trading closer Octavio Carrasco for a series of hilarious world chat posts by Atlanta.  I must say, it's probably the most entertaining "trade" of the year.

New York Yankees
Projected Record: 78-84, 3rd
Best Player: Walker Reid
Random Trivia: No longer doodlers, the Yankees are now just dandies.

Last season, the Yanks made their way out of Minneapolis just in time to see the Metrodome collapse in their rear-view mirror. Unfortunately, things don't look too bright in Eastern Standard Time either.  Ever the redheaded stepchild, the Yankees might have made the playoffs in a different division given the 10-20 mark they boasted against division rivals last year.  But let's not count them out just yet.  With 16 million dollar man Walker Reid, Rico Johnson, and veteran Jason Gross, this team has the talent to play spoiler in season 14, and compete in years to come.

Toronto FivTs
Projected Record: 50-112, 4th
Best Player: Sean Smith
Random Trivia: SixTs are the new FivTs

What to say about the FivTs?  Well it's pretty obvious: they stink.  Currently 7-12, Toronto has little room to improve.  In fact, with such scrubs as J.C. Watson, Hector Gonzalez, and Tito Parkers, this roster looks like a bad version of The Replacements.  Couple that with possibly the worst minor league system in the bigs, and Toronto should struggle for years.  Hey, they can't all be winners, right?

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