Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Season 14 Playoffs Round 1

That's right folks, it's playoff time.  I know I said I'd finish the draft recap, but let's just say everyone else gets an A+, or an F.  Moving on to the playoffs.   Let's take a quick look at the first round:

Texas (4) vs. Arizona (5)
Texas brings a whole lot of offense to the table.  Pitching?  Eh, not so much.  Arizona brings a lot of pitching, a lot of hitting, and a lot of everything.  If Texas is going to win they have to get to Zona's starters fast, and wear out that bullpen.  Or maybe a better strategy is to hire hookers to party with the High Heat the night before the games.  It worked for Lawrence Taylor.
Arizona in 4

Madison (3) vs. Scranton (6)
Scranton has a really good 1-2-3 with Lee, Ingram, and "Wonderwall."  Madison has Cy Young candidate Max Mendoza.  Madison has more power and defense, but Scranton has momentum after getting into the playoffs by going on a run the last 5 games of the year.  I think this one comes down to the uniforms, and green is not only slimming, but sexy
Madison in 5 

Buffalo (3) vs. Tampa Bay (6)
Buffalo has wings, Tampa Bay has old people and weather.  But who has baseball?  Buffalo has the best overall talent, but Tampa Bay has gotten a really good season out of players like Gary Gutierrez.  This might be the closest match-up in the first round and I made my pick by flipping a Susan B. Anthony.  Why?  Because despite being a feminist, Susan secretly loved men and was a huge baseball fan.  Some even say she actually was a man.  As a side note, it's good to see two new owners immediately making the playoffs.  
Buffalo in 5 

Salem (4) vs. Seattle (5) 
Technically Salem is ranked higher than Seattle, but that's primarily because the Rain Drops unfortunately have to play in the same division as the boys from up north.  Salem has Cy Young favorite Bernard Myers, but if he loses the Slims have a Slim chance at victory.  Especially with center fielder playing left Sammy Forbes raining drops and homers on Salem's parade.
Seattle in 3

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