Sunday, February 13, 2011

Amateur Draft Grades - Season 14, #11-20

It's been a long time since the last post, as things have been busy in Rowentgartnerville.  But I will finish the draft recap before the season ends, I swear.  And on we go:

PICKS #11-20

Buffalo Wild Wings
11. Joel Cecil, C
The surnameless Joel Cecil goes to Buffalo with the 11th pick in the draft.  Cecil comes out of Arthur, Illinois, which is known as "The Heart of Illinois Amish Country."  I guess that means he sands his own wood, if you know what I'm saying.  Oh yeah, and he should be a solid hitter with decent defense. 

Syracuse Symbiotes
12. Andre Brower, SP 
Fresh off "Men of a Certain Age," Andre Brower has decided for a career change and entered the draft as a starting pitcher.  Pulling a Danny Almonte, his listed age is 19, but I think we all remember him as Searles, the educated black man in 1989's Glory.  I will say this though, as a 48 year old man, he's got a few good pitches and could be a solid pitcher at the major league level well into his 60's.

Tampa Bay Retirees
13. Randy Neugebauer, 2b
Perhaps most famous as the "Baby Killer" shouter as a Texas representative, Randy has decided to retire to Tampa Bay, where he'll play second base for a major league baseball team.  With good power, batting eye, and defense for a man in his 60's, Neugebauer should be a reliable player until he dies or decides to play Bingo full-time. 

New York Yankees
14. Charlie Hellickson, SP 
The Charlie without an "Uncle Charlie," Hellickson is yet again another starting pitcher taken off the board.  This is a good pick here, as I see a great pitch combined with solid splits and control. Charlie is currently battling a strained groin from enjoying all of New York has to offer, but barring any Derek Jeter - like STD, he should be just fine for years to come.

Scranton Dundees
15. Cap Hewson, 3B
Captain Hewson, or "Cap" as his friends call him goes 15th to Scranton.  Earning the nickname Cap because of his excellent patience and makeup, Hewson should be a staple for Scranton at third for years to come.  With solid power and the ability to effectively hit righties, Cap will be a lock for either the "Fine Work" Dundie or possibly the "Do go in There After Me" Dundie in recognition of him being a tough act to follow...and his love for burritos.

Tucson Toros
16. James Lowery, SP
James Lowery is yet another starting pitcher taken in the draft, this time out of Meadville, Mississippi.  With a town population of 519, Meadville barely has enough people for a school, let alone a baseball team.  So James is a self - taught pitcher, throwing mainly at scarecrows in fields like Scott Bakula in Necessary Roughness.  I expect a lot of hit by pitches.  He also kept in great shape from his daily swims in the Mississippi River with Ed Reed's brother.  All the hard work has paid off, as he now has the chance to become a solid starter for the Toros.

Louisville Whalers
17. Clay Teahen, 2B
Similar to Randy Neugebaur at 13 and Kelly Maddux a pick later, Clay Teahen is another second basemen with solid power, good splits, and a legit mustache.  Looking through Louisville's system, Teahen will have to push Alex Johnson to another position or franchise to move into second base.  That competition will hopefully help Clay from becoming as crappy as his brother, White Sox third base "sensation" Mark Teahen, who's still currently working on becoming the next "Jason Giambi" Mr. Moneyball predicted.

Monterrey Jack Cheese
18. Kelly Maddux, 2B 
The daughter of Greg Maddux, Kelly is attempting to pull a reverse Ladybugs by wearing a fake mustache in hopes to make the majors as a second basemen in Monterrey.  And with good power and solid splits, Kelly has a chance to do just that, as she immediately becomes the best second base prospect in Jack Cheese's system.  Let's hope Ms. Maddux has a quick rise to the majors and doesn't end up like Jonathan know, just hanging around.

San Antonio LoneStars
19. Doug Wigginton, SP
Doug Wigginton, a levelheaded sinkerballer out of Topeka, Kansas goes 19th overall.  Doug should be a fine pitcher at the majors, as he seems to be solid across the board.  There is literally nothing else interesting to say about this guy.  He is completely vanilla in every way.  His mustache sucks I guess.  So there's that.

Anaheim Sprawl
20. Mike Rose, RP
Every Rose has its thorn, and Mike's is his effectiveness versus righties.  You might say, righties are Mike Rose's....Poison?  Yep, I went there.  Anyway, just about every other rating on Rose glistens, and he should be a solid lefty reliever out of the Sprawl's pen. 

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