Thursday, June 2, 2011

Play/Offs: Season 15, Round 3

Wow. We have something in common. We both know our "guns."
Well the defending champ is dead.  A new winner will be crowned.  And now, the League Championship Series:


Toronto FivTs (1) vs. Buffalo Wild Wings (3)
What Should Happen: Ideally, during one of those ridiculous post game celebrations, Lebron would break both of his legs and at the same time somehow need microfracture surgery on both of his knees.  Then Dirk would go on to score 45 a game for the rest of the series and the Mavs would win it all.  Wait, what are we talking about again?

What Will Happen:  This smells of a season where Toronto's massive amount of talent decides not to choke.  I really think they are who we thought they were.  And I'm going to crown their asses. 
Toronto in 5


Detroit Faith (5) vs. Arizona High Heat (6)
What Should Happen: I can tell you what shouldn't happen, and that's two wild card teams fighting for a trip to the World Series.  Alas, that's our situation.  And given the choice, I'll take the team that's never made it to the big stage.  Detroit it is.

What Will Happen: Well it seems Arizona owner pknock1215 has the magic working, as upon boredom I looked at his only other team in another world, and he's currently playing in the World a #6 seed.  So heck, who's not to say he can't have two #6 seeded teams in a World Series? 
Arizona in 5

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