Sunday, June 5, 2011

Play/Offs: Season 15, World Series

Whee! What a predicament!

Toronto FivTs (1) vs. Arizona High Heat (6)
What Should Happen:  Well, out with the old and....right back in the with old.  A rematch from Season 12, the owners of Toronto and Arizona each make their fourth trip to the World Series (as a side note, the Arizona franchise has now appeared in 8 of 15 World Series).  This could be the lowest rated World Series since White Sox / Astros in 2005.  So what should happen here?  Who should we root for?  Whee, what a predicament.

What Will Happen:  Back in Season 12, Arizona took it to Toronto in seven games to win the title.  Here in Season 15 Toronto comes looking for revenge with a team at least as strong as the previous model, while Arizona's squad is not nearly as dominant as before.  Toronto gets his revenge and picks up a third title.  And the crowd goes wild.  Bring on Season 16.
Toronto in 4

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