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Hometown Season 25: Midseason Awards

Hometown's back, alright!
Welcome back everyone.  Since I've been worthless for the last 3 seasons, a few good owners have stepped up and written their own blog posts.  This one is by scott00793 (with some edits...).  More to follow.  Let's begin: 

Arizona Prickly Pears
MVP – Pascual Valentin – Without a doubt having a career year, hitting .338. with an impressive .407 OBP. Valentin leads the Prickly Pears in the following offensive categories – AVG, OBP, SLG, OPS and HR’s.  For the cherry on top, he's currently top 5 in all of Hometown with that sparkling .338 Avg.

LVP – Yusmeiro Diaz – An up and down SP throughout his career who boasts a career ERA of 4.90. However this year has been a disaster that has featured a demotion to the bullpen. Diaz has an ERA of 7.21 and a WHIP of 1.90

Atlanta Chipper Murphs
MVP – Dan Lamb – Lamb has been simply fantastic this year. In 18 starts he is 7-3 with an ERA of 2.64 well under his career ERA of 4.33. He currently leads the team in ERA, SO, Wins and IP.

LVP – Chad Wood – I’d like to file a missing persons report for Chad Wood. A career .271 hitter who consistently hits 15 HR a year and provides solid defense. Father time might have caught up with Wood, hitting only .213 in 296 AB along with an OBP under .300. Wood still has one year left at 6 million - hopefully he uses the All-Star Break as a fresh start.

Buffalo Wild Wings
MVP – Ivan Sterns and Louie Cervantes – The duo is a combined 25 – 6 with ERAs of 3.47 and 3.56 respectively. They’ve simply been great guiding Buffalo to a 56-34 record.

LVP – Marino Diaz – The potential future HOF 2B is unfortunately nowhere near the player he once was for the FivT’s. At the age of 37 he is hitting .225 in 338 AB. Odds are he wont be back in Buffalo and retirement is a possibility for the former perennial all star.

Charlotte Sugar Babies
MVP – Hal Benjamin – He has appeared in 51 games this season for the Sugar Babies, throwing 88 innings with an ERA of 3.21, and holding opponents batting average to just .246.

LVP – Taylor Gorzellany – With a deceiving record of 7-6 this might be a surprise pick but the former starter has been moved to the bullpen due to his ineffectiveness. He has an ERA of 6.70. The last 2 seasons he had an ERA of 4.45 and won a total of 17 starts. If Gorzellany can find his game it would be a boost to the Sugar Babies wild card hopes.

Cheyenne McGees
MVP – Ron Hull – I didn’t want to pick a DH but Hull made my choice pretty easy. He his currently hitting .318 with 16 HR and 74 RBI with a fantastic .414 OBP.

LVP – Curtis Snyder – Over the last four seasons Snyder hasn’t hit over 260 so it’s no surprise he is having a poor offensive year. However when you’re making 5.6 million to hit 228 with only 30 RBI it’s going to be talked about. It’s very disappointing especially with Snyder eligible for unrestricted free agency at the end of the year.

Chicago Wolfpack 
MVP – Esteban Ramirez – One of the prized assets in the Wolfpack rebuild, he was acquired from Pawtucket in the off-season and he has been worthy of the hype. He is currently hitting .305 with 16 HR and is the only member of the ball club hitting over .300.

LVP – Manager – If this was real and his team was on the South Side of Chicago, it's a safe bet no one would ever find his body again.

Cincinatti Red Stockings
MVP – Gabe Iannone – The 20 million dollar man has been worth every penny to this point of the season. He is 11-1 with an ERA of 2.66 with a dazzling WHIP of 1.09 in 125 IP. Clearly a Cy Young Candidate.

LVP – Dennis Bailey – I know what you’re thinking, he’s 23 years old and has 21 HR. How can he be a disappointment? Well candidates for LVP weren’t exactly jumping off the screen but Bailey's average is below the Mendoza Line.  He is hitting exactly his weight, however.  So there's that, which is nice.

Dover Hi Im Delaware
MVP – Del Rosario Guerrero and Miguel Cordero – Guerrero's having another All-Star year: .326 average, .413 OBP and 54 stolen bases. Cordero looks to be a lock to win Rookie of the Year with a .321 average, .414 OBP, and 16 HR. Easy to see why Dover is tied for first place and a virtual lock for the playoffs.

LVP – Achilles Brett – Mainly because his name is Achilles and history has taught us that’s not the most stable name.  That ERA over 6 (and WHIP of 2.00) in 30 IP sure doesn't seem very stable either. At least he hasn’t injured his leg yet….

Helena Handbaskets
MVP – Del Plant and Douglas Creek – There were a lot of possible candidates for MVP, but I'm choosing the double D's. They are a combined 17-3 with ERAs under 3.80.  They have been the anchor of the pitching staff.

LVP – The Bullpen – 20 Blown Saves halfway through the year. How long before Helena makes a move trying to solidify the pen for the playoffs???  Or better yet, how long before he complains so much no one pays attention????

Kansas City Tornadoes
MVP – Santo Moreno – The CF is hitting .318 with an OBP of .391 as well as contributing 16 stolen bases and proving reliable everyday defence is center.

LVP – Del Rosado – I was going to go with Ariel Chacin, but since he’s a rookie he gets a freebie.  Rosado has 6 losses and an ERA of 7.33.  To top it off he came down with elbow tendinitis and has been on the 60-Day DL.  Not bad for 4.8 million.

Little Rock Patriots
MVP - Gerald Fowler – He continues to defy his age with his terrific numbers. He might not be able to throw as many innings as he used to, but he's still effective to the tune of 8-1 with a 2.17 ERA. Honourable mention to Jacque Turner who has an ERA of 3.59 and 4 CG.

LVP – Ken Thomas – Relief pitchers ERA’s are inflated due to the small number of innings pitched but Thomas’ 8.68 ERA over 28 innings is pretty impressive. The opposition is hitting an unheard .363 off him.

Los Angeles Animal Style Fries
MVP – Jumbo Esquela – The 27 year old is only 7-5, but with an ERA of 3.70 he's been the most consistent pitcher for an Animal Style Fries team that has struggled to be anything but terrible at everything.

LVP – JJ Christenson – It’s easy to see why LA was trying to move Christenson in the off-season.  He sucks.  That's pretty much it.

Madison Rowengartners
MVP - Pick any one of the following – Alexei Bazardo, Julio Ruiz, William Sutton, Antone Thompson. All hitting over .300 with solid OBP and RBI. Like I’ve already stated pick one – Oh by the way did I mention Will York is 11-2 record with an ERA of 2.58?

LVP – Oswaldo Rodriguez – On a team like Madison, Oswaldo stands out like a contestant from the Biggest Loser appearing on America’s Next Top Model. In 64 innings he has an ERA of 5.43 with 7 blown saves in 10 chances. In Madison that makes him LVP, in New York he’d be considered reliable.

Memphis Monsters
MVP –  Damon Clement – A career .257 hitter, Clement has been terrific through the first half of the year for the Monsters. With a .312 average and OBP of 387 and 39 RBI he has been a very pleasant surprise. As of today his batting average is 92 points better than last year.

LVP – Rico Balentien – The second year player has been a bit of a disappointment. He does have 14 HR’s but with an average of .240 and an OBP of just .301 I think you can classify his first half as a disappointment.

Monterrey Jack Cheese
MVP – Yogi Bullinger – Yogi is having a MVP type season. .349/.422. It’s no secret that his knee surgery last year was a major disappointment but Bullinger has come back strong, proving he is still an elite player in the league.

LVP – Miguel Seanez – The 5 million dollar free agent signing has been a major disappointment. By disappointment I mean Monterrey's disappointment in himself for actually spending 5 mil on this loser.

Montreal Midget Mafia
MVP – Troy Burba – Former afterthought and 74th pick Burba has appeared in 75 games for the Midget Mafia. Hitting .305 with an OBP of .388, he's been nothing short of a big surprise.  Luck you say?  Well to that I're right.

LVP – The Entire Starting Rotation – Sometimes the truth hurts.  You did bad and you should feel bad.  

New York 67’s
MVP – Cookie Rodriguez – He was the only player that made New York respectable last year and he picked up where he left off: .309 / .387 with 19 HR and 68 RBI and leads the team is just about every statistical category. Hopefully New York can add some pitching because they are wasting 2 quality years from a quality player.

LVP – Alex Butera, Ajax Romero and Roger O’Brien – With Romero and O’Brien both going into free agency it’s hard to believe they’ve been so bad. This year Romero, O’Brien and Butera are a combined 9-25 with ERA’s of 6.33, 6.34 and 7.22. The three pitchers aren’t elite by any stretch of the imagination but when looking at O’Brien and Romero’s numbers from last year it looks like they are trying to tank. Last year the duo combined for a record of 17-18 and ERA’s of 4.27 and 4.33. O’Brien now finds himself in AAA mainly because when opponents are hitting .342 off of you, you likely don’t belong in the show.

Pawtucket Patriot Ale
MVP – Sawyer Venafro – Similar to Madison there are many options to pick for the MVP. Venafro is my pick based on the number of categories he leads the team: Hits, HR, RBI and OPS. Possibly the best pickup in the off-season. 
LVP – Domingo Perez – One of only 3 pitchers on the entire roster with a losing record, he also holds the team’s highest ERA at 6.84 in 48 IP.

Philadelphia Fighting Quakers
MVP – Reed Cook – The reliable RP was acquired in FA this past off-season. Coming off the worst year in his career he has bounced back nicely. Posting a 3.57 ERA in 40 IP and adding 20 Saves in 25 opportunites. 

LVP – Manager  – When there's nothing left to believe in, believe in hope.  And if you can't believe in hope, believe in Philly.  They're hopeless.

Richmond Powhatans
MVP – Jim McCracken – He’s having a tremendous season thus far.  In 112 IP he has an ERA of 3.36 and a record of 9-2 with a CG. Not only the best record on the staff but one of the best records in the league as well. McCracken is having an awfully impressive sophomore season and Richmond fans are excited about the possibility of watching this youngster for years to come.  That is, if people in Richmond watched baseball, which they certainly do not.

LVP – Fransisco Ortiz – He's been pretty versatile both starting and coming out of the bullpen with an ERA north of 7 and a record of 3-5.  Richmond could really use some better innings out of Ortiz if they are serious about a possible wild card spot.

Rochester Ramblers
MVP – Brian Cochrane – With 33 HR’s and 76 RBI it was a pretty easy decision. Cochrane has been one of the better power hitters in the league and is still hitting for a decent .284 AVG.

LVP – Junior Masao –Not known for his offense or defense, Masao continues to be adequately bad at everything.

Sacramento Sonics
MVP – Uniforms – The uniforms are pretty sweet.  That's about it.

LVP – Manager – Barring a miraculous finish, this will be the last season for the Sacramento manager and the first victim of the MWR.  If that doesn't get you the LVP, nothing will.

Salem Salami Jackers
MVP – Felipe Cortazar – One of the better kept secrets in the league Cortazar has been impressive at SS. Hitting .288 with an OBP .369, he's managed 25 HR and 72 RBI.  The 29 year old is earning every penny of his 5.5 million dollar extension.

LVP – Tony Williams – The 34 year old is having a rough first half of the season - through 113 IP he has an ERA of 5.73 and is a disappointing 5-13.  The only thing he leads the team in are venereal diseases.

Santa Fe Vincents
MVP – Eduardo Rosales – Very easy decision as Rosales is hitting a stupid .351 with a .403 OBP. Oh and before I forget he’s also stolen 42 bases, 11 bottles of Alize, and a baby from Jamba Juice.

LVP –  Yamil Castro – Statistically he’s not having that poor of a season. With an ERA of 4.43 he has been pretty consistent.  That's all I got.

Scranton Dundees
MVP – Al Johnson – The SP has been very effective for Scranton. Featuring an ERA of 3.24 and an impressive record of 11-4 Johnson has been the most consistent pitcher for the team. Holding opponents to a .234 AVG and a very impressive WHIP of 1.19 he has been a welcomed addition.

LVP – Randy Parker – There weren’t too many possibilities here but let’s go with Randy Parker.  Mostly because, screw that guy.  Who does he think he is with that mustache?  John Waters?

St Louis Browns
MVP – Sergio Ingram – 2-7. That's Ingram’s record and yet I still think he has been the MVP for St. Louis.  What can Brown do for you?  Absolutely nothing.

LVP – Gil Ferguson – What does 8 million dollars get you in St Louis? Apparently it buys you a .224 AVG, .287 OBP, 6 HR and only 32 RBI.

Tacoma Sounds Puget
MVP – Hoss Reed – He has been Tacoma’s best pitcher by far. In 122 IP this season he has an ERA of 3.02 and a very impressive WHIP of 1.12. Even though he has a 7-7 record the numbers speak for themselves.

LVP – Fred Taschner – There have been more than a few disappointments in Tacoma this season but Taschner certainly stands out. With single-digit contact, how is he not dominating???

Tampa Bay Florida Retirees
MVP – Ruben Valenzuela – An oldie but a goodie, Valenzuela is hitting a very productive .303 while adding 11 HR and 52 RBI.  He leads the Retirees in 4 different statistical categories.

LVP – Joshua Maduro – This might be the easiest selection in the entire league. Maduro is hitting a pathetic 191. A career .260 hitter Maduro has been pretty awful thus far.  The lesson here?  Never acquire a Handbasket. 

Texas Instruments
MVP – Hipolito Reynoso – With 34 HR, 92 RBI, 51 BB .327 AVG .415 OBP Reynoso is making a case for league MVP. He has hit for power when needed, avg when needed and has walked when needed. Reynoso has been a leader by example for the Insturments this season.

LVP – Dan Snyder Syndrome – Have a problem?  Throw money at it!  That's been the Texas way.  If it ever starts to work, "Dan Snyder Syndrome" could move into the MVP category.  But for now, it's right at home.

Toronto FivT’s
MVP – B.C. Pujols – The FivT’s made a huge splash in the offseason landing perennial Cy Young candidates Julio Julio and Nicholas Byrd. However Pujols has been the teams best pitcher this year. In 19 starts he is 14-1 with 3 CG and a shutout, oh by the way he also has an ERA of only 2.30 and has already pitched 133 innings this season. Pujols is making a strong case for the Cy Young this year.

LVP – Canada –It's cold outside.

Washington D.C. Senators
MVP – Adrian Lindblom – Were you expecting someone else? Lindblom, the prized offseason addition from Chicago, got off to a real slow start in Washington but has blossomed of late. He is currently hitting .286 but has an impressive 34 HR and 88 RBI.

LVP – Trading – Overpaying for Lindblom has set the franchise back again after years of rebuilding. 

Wichita Gnats
MVP – Kenny Walton – The 26 year old is proving that he might belong in the show after all. After 2 seasons with losing records and an ERA north of 5, Walton has found some consistency this year. In 110 IP this year Walton has an impressive ERA of 3.25 and has only walked 32 batters. 

LVP – Bryan Clement – This is Clement’s second year in a row of under performing. The career .270 hitter he has also managed to hit 20 plus HR in the past 5 seasons. But where has all the power gone? In 342 AB Clement only has 5 HR and is hitting a less than impressive .254.

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