Thursday, July 24, 2008

AL South Preview

Nashville Hillbillies (AL)
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Season 4 Record: 131-31 1st place and WS Champion

Star Watch: Matty Cordero, Omar Gonzales

Rookie Watch: Christian Barfield, Perry Casanova

Offense: 5

Defense: 8

Pitching: 5

Coaching: 3

Analysis: Last years squad totally dominated, will this season be any different?

Draft Attention: Pitching

Houston Rocket Launchers (AL)
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Season 4 Record: 99-63 2nd place 5th seed

Star Watch: Archie Charleston, Carlton Bryne

Rookie Watch: Howie Stafford, Juan Gutierrez

Offense: 7

Defense: 3

Pitching: 3

Coaching: 3

Analysis: With the addition of Byrne helps the pitching staff. Offensively they are very sound and will score lots of chick points. Will the defense cost them games? Can they beat Nashville?

Draft Attention: Pitching, SS, 2B, CF

Season 4 Record: 96-66 3rd place 6th seed

Star Watch: Cooper Bryant, Bernard Blue

Rookie Watch: Kenneth Mintz, Tex Jennings

Offense: 4

Defense: 4

Pitching: 5

Analysis: Will pitching save the day in Austin for a repeat play off appearance? Hitting and defense could be inconsistent.

Coaching: 4

Draft Attention: C

Little Rock
Little Rock Patriots (AL)
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Season 4 Record: 63-99 4th place

Star Watch: Brian Brea, Frank Jang

Rookie Watch: Fernando Carreras, Julian Alexander

Offense: 2

Defense: 1

Pitching: 2

Coaching: 4

Analysis: The term "pray for rain" comes to mind for the Patriots. They may or may not achieve last years success but they will give it their all trying. This team is in serious rebuild mode and lacks starting pitching, but if the offense and rotation can get them the lead the pen can hold it. Help is on the way, but it is a couple seasons away.

Draft Attention: C, SP, 3B