Friday, July 25, 2008

AL West Preview

Season 4 Record: 100-62 1st place

Star Watch: Rico Guerrero, Walker Reid

Rookie Watch: Vic Martinez, Frank James

Offense: 6

Defense: 2

Pitching: 3

Coaching: 5

Analysis: Actually a little difficult to tell at the moment as this team is in flux trying to cement its starting rotation and looking at several young position players. However, will be in the division race for sure.

Draft Attention: C, all

Season 4 Record: 83-79 2nd place

Star Watch: Darryl Shea, Darryl Shea

Rookie Watch: Bubba Bailey, Dan Ryan

Offense: 5

Defense: 7

Pitching: 3

Coaching: 5

Analysis: With Spike DeJean out for the season the focus is choosing a replacement. The pitching staff is hard to judge for Coors field but looks impressive with the GB pitchers on the staff. Will definitely be looking for another run at a play off spot.

Draft Attention: Any

Season 4 Record: 83-79 3rd place

Star Watch: Bobby Malloy, Marvin Schmidt

Rookie Watch: Ernie Bradley, Rodrigo Veras

Offense: 6

Defense: 8

Pitching: 2

Coaching: 5

Analysis: Can play the field and hit very well, pitching is their down fall and it isn't all that bad. Will be in the division race also.

Draft Attention: SP

Season 4 Record: 73-89 4th place

Star Watch: Victor Bennett, Raymond Perisho

Rookie Watch: Robin Richards, Tomas Martinez

Offense: 5

Defense: 6

Pitching: 4

Coaching: 4

Analysis: Another team in this division fighting for a play off spot. Who will it be when the dust settles at the end of the season?

Draft Attention: SP, all