Thursday, November 6, 2008

League Status In The Young Season

It is really hard to judge how the season will unfold at this time. An injury here or there or a sudden hot or cold streak could change the scenery pretty quickly for any team. Some teams may be experimenting with players trying to find the necessary balance.

At the moment, Nashville seems to be one of the most dominant teams in the AL along with Toronto and Boise. With Charlotte and Boston playing pretty good ball also.

In the NL, the Dragons, that's me, open
ed the season with Syracuse and I thought they were gonna be a run away train as I couldn't stop their hitting attack in the first two games. However, get them off their home turf and they are just another team and that really applies to a lot of teams in the NL. They either win at home or on the road but few show a balance of winning in both realms.

It appears that it could be a dog fight all season long for most of the teams. Even Pittsburgh has shown they can play close to the vest and win. For them it is rough for we all know that it is a rebuilding team and to start the season against three powerful playoff contenders is not easy. With a timely hit or an outstanding play they could well be at .500 as they are not getting walked over. That also applies to several rebuilding teams.

The IFA front looks as bad this year as last so far. I have wondered whether it is a direct relation with the budget of teams. I have seen this in other worlds also as more teams forgo the IFA's less and less putting their money in training, medical and player salary with good reason. But the quality and amount of good IFA's seem to drop accordingly.

Speaking of IFA's there was a couple notable signings.
Andres Arias - Texas. Although listed as a CF would be a better 2B, but for the amount, 6M, his health could be much better.
Willie Tavarez - Austin. A left-handed probable reliever and maybe end of rotation guy. Although he has excellent control and good splits, the pitches are just not there to be spectacularly overpowering.

A couple teams are offering some decent players for prospects. However, do you give up the asking price? The way I see it, it could be tough to move good players for prospects in todays market.

With not much really going on in the world, it is hard to really find something to write about, any ideas?