Thursday, November 6, 2008

A 16 Day Look Around the Minors Day 1

A look around the minors at each team to see what stud muffins are up and coming. Having my scouts out looking around to see what is cooking in the minors. Hey they get paid to do something, might as well be something productive for a change.

Atlanta Southern Boys
Grade A: Sammy Pelaez-P: A little weak in the control department maybe, but the splits and pitches make up for it.
Grade B: Ben Ransom-LF: Maybe not a prolific hitter but will hold his own. Maybe better 1B defensively.
Grade C: Jared Shelley-C: Will be good defensively behind the plate. Hitting will be good against righties, but lefties will love pitching to him.

Augusta A's
Grade A: Sergio Ingram-P: The skills are there for him to be a very dominate pitcher. So far there has been no supporting cast in his minor league career.
Grade B: Al Beltran-RF: The scouts like his swing but don't like his play in the field. They say 1B is the place for him.
Grade C: Abraham Little-C: Nothing much gets by this guy behind the plate, needs work nailing runners but that will come in time. Not much of a hitter but keeps infielders on their toes.