Friday, November 7, 2008

A 16 Day Look Around the Minors Day 2

Day 2 has the scouting department running around like little chickens. That is my lead scout, gee, I think I am paying him too much to find talent. Though he can find comfy rocks to crawl under.

Austin Black Socks
Grade A: Dan Ryan-SP: A live arm that will see the Majors soon enough to our dismay.
Grade A: Sean Sosa-LR: Another live armed pitcher and Austin has a few.
Grade B: Del Fernandez-3B: Although he would be better suited to play RF. Has power for the long ball and but most will come against lefties. Should hit .280+ consistently.

Boise SpudPeddlers
Grade C: Ross Broome-2B: Defensively very good and can play a decent CF also. At the plate leaves a little to be desired.
Grade B: Juan Santiago-SS: Would be better at 3B or a close 2B even. Will put up decent numbers at the plate.
Grade C: Rico Johnson -SS: Better spot would be 3B or adequate 2B. Has power at the plate, may not be a consistent long ball threat but has a decent eye and good splits.