Saturday, November 8, 2008

A 16 Day Look Around the Minors Day 3

Today, the scouting department called in sick, something about beans in Boston and sun burn in Charleston. I know better of course, they just wanted to spend an extra day sight-seeing.

Boston Liberty
Grade B: Lazy Ford-Setup P: Possesses a good skill set, but his name says it all.
Grade B: Doc Tanner-1B: Makes great contact at the plate for good or bad, mostly against lefties. He may decide to go to med school as his parents wished him to take over the family practice.
Grade B: Bill Spruill-C: Hiding in the shadows was found a defensive gem that can hit. Though his nickname, "Hookers Delight", leaves him a little embarrassed.

Charleston RiverDogs
Grade A: Burt Key-2B: The scouts say he will have a nice career playing LF or maybe 1B. They are high on the kid as he has a good eye and hits well, just not with lots of power but has lead off speed.
Grade C: Shane Collier-RF: Scouts say he has a lazy eye and can't pick the ball up from a righty very well. But has the power and makes lots of contact.
Grade B: Darryl Hentgen-SP: Has potential to be a ML starter but has ruined two opportunities so far. However that was in the Houston days, will the new digs excite him?