Sunday, November 9, 2008

A 16 Day Look Around the Minors Day 4

The southern scouts were happy for a change, only a short trip on their assigned agenda, I even got them mopeds to get there. They were overjoyed as they didn't have to use their thumbs and so were passing motorists. The northern crew wasn't so happy though as there was several complaints of leg cramps.

Charlotte Tar Heels
Grade ?: Odalis Martin-Setup: Has all the tools to be very successful out of the pen. Haven't got a clue as to why he is a troubled kid.
Grade B: Pete Rowand-C: ML ready defensive catcher with great defensive tools. His bat is another story however but better than some.
Grade B: Randy Myatt-2B: 2B is a stretch as RF would be a much better fit. Has everything to be a good power hitter except contact, but with the right coaching staff could grow up to have more walks than strike outs.

Cheyenne Sandors
Grade A: Anthony Cross-2B: Could be a stellar 2B with very good hitting skills. Didn't handle the late season call up last year very well but this year could be different.
Grade A++: Jung-Lee Kojima-2B: What is better than having one good 2B prospects? Having a better one of course! When this kid matures, he could be a Gold Glover and super MVP for many years. Yes, this kid makes Cross look like a has been already. The best thing is figuring out who to play where when the time comes.
Grade A: Fred Houston-C: A power defensive PC catcher, what a find! May not throw out the speed burners, but will make them think twice about stealing. A pitchers nightmare with a bat in hand also. What a combination.